Saturday, September 3, 2011

in the picture peter luxem

In the late eighties my passion for photography started with the manual camera from my dad, I tried different subjects but landscapes was the thing I loved most, but this passion disappeared early 2000 for some reason. As a old love the passion for photography came back with a vengeance in 2008 when I saw the first real quality HDR’s and I was fascinated again and bought some new gear and software. This was what I missed in the analog days: control of the post-processing.

Since then I never looked back and mastered myself into natural looking HDR landscapes pictures, the newly discovered passion of photography has a nice side effect: I want to travel the world to capture the beauty of the countries I visit. Here you can find a collection of landscapes from New Zealand, Scotland and Belgium (my home country).BLOG TEKST
We’d like to thank Peter for sharing his photos. For more of his work please visit his website.

In The Picture: Peter Luxem
Sunset at the jetty, Mol, Belgium. Photo By Peter Luxem
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