Friday, January 13, 2012

detroit isnt working 43 Photo total

Detroit Motor City is in the spotlights these days. It’s the time of year when the big automakers of the world bring their shiny new cars to the Detroit Auto Show. After some troublesome times the Big Three US car makers have hit on good times again, but the city of Detroit, once world famous for it’s cars and it’s music, is now more famous for the decay of it’s once grand buildings and the high levels of unemployment.

Detroit Isn't Working
A man sits as he waits for Sunday mass to start at the St. Leo Catholic Church in Detroit December 18, 2011. St. Leo Catholic Church, located in one of the most abandoned pockets of the nation's most depressed city, is operating on life support. Built more than 120 years ago as Detroit was developing into a manufacturing powerhouse, St. Leo is one of the many area churches to have succumbed to a same priest and parishioner shortage that has plagued the Catholic Church in America. Picture taken December 17, 2011. REUTERS/Mark Blinch
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