Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Most Devastating Underwater Volcanoes

Underwater volcanoes also known as  Submarine volcanoes are found under ocean and can generally eject into air after eruption. Underwater volcanoes are formed when molten rocks erupts underwater fissures of planet earth. They are usually found near the areas of tectonic plate movement. Many underwater volcanoes have caused chaos by eruption or earthquake by destroying various places nearby leaving many homeless.

1. Coast of Tonga

Hunga Tonga is located about 30km from Falcon Island. Volcano lies about 65 miles above a very seismic zone. Many underwater volcano have been erupted here first ever volcano erupted here was in 1912 This volcano was erupted on march 18, 2009 caused due to the melting of two tectonic plates using excessive amount of heat and pressure resulting in the big eruption. Volcano extends from New Zealand to north-east to Fiji.
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