Monday, February 27, 2012

Top 10 Weirdest Things Dipped in Gold

Hide your wife and hide your kids because the gold bug has bitten—and it’s a worldwide pandemic. People in the preliminary stage are known to ice their necks, wrists, and teeth with the shimmery metal. An insatiable hunger for all things made of gold marks a person in the most advanced stage of the bug. If you or a loved one is infected, feed your appetite by checking out the top ten weirdest things made of gold…

10. Gold Backpack

Gold Backpack
Are you a trendsetter? Do boring Jansport backpacks cramp your style? Well fear not fashion fiends! This Billionaire Boys Club backpack is sure to put more pep in your step. If its golden rays don’t make everyone turn their heads in awe, make sure to keep the price tag on. At an estimated price of $1650 (roughly the same cost to buy gold bullion), you are guaranteed to get a “DAAAAMN” everywhere you go.
Source: Diva Artist
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