Monday, February 13, 2012

The Imperial Train

The train was built in 1894-96, respectively. The composition of cars has changed several times, old cars were changed to new, changing and interior . In 1902 train consisted of ten cars. Some of them are meant for the royal family and retinue emperors .Another held baggage wagons, serving and kitchen. Later was added the eleventh car to be used as a church.
Emperor Nicholas II and his wife Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and Tsarevich Alexei

The wagons were painted blue, decorated with gold seams. All the wooden parts were made of Indian tika.Paneli, ceilings and furniture were made of polished oak, walnut, white and gray beech, maple and Karelian berezy.Poly were covered with linoleum and carpets. Were the most comfortable, of course, the cars were all imperators.Tam family to have fun and productive work. Mezhdu coupe Emperor and Empress was bimetallic bath (outside of copper, silver inside).
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