Monday, February 6, 2012

deadly egyptian football riots 23 Photo Total

Football is meant to be the Beautiful Game, but last night in Port Said, Egypt people who classify themselves as fans turned it into a very ugly game. Supporters of local team Al-Masry ran onto the pitch and charged the fans of rival team Al-Ahly from Cairo. Al-Masry won the game 3-1 but the home fans still stormed onto the pitch to attack the Al-Ahly players, staff and fans, hunting them down in and outside the stadium. Over 70 people were killed and over a 1000 injured. Totally Not Cool.

Deadly Egyptian Football Riots
A soccer fan flees from a fire at Cairo stadium February, 1, 2012. Crowds set parts of the stadium on fire in reaction to a soccer pitch invasion during another soccer match held at the Egyptian city of Port Said. At least 50 people were killed and hundreds of others injured on Wednesday after a soccer pitch invasion in Port Said, healthy ministry sources said, in an incident that one player described as a war, not football. REUTERS/Stringer
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